Wondering how to use a proxy? Learn the Easy Steps!

How to Use a Proxy Server like a Professional?

Well, if you are here then the first thing before you get to know about how to use a proxy is what a proxy is. So, a proxy is a hub that is between the user and the internet. It works as a connector for the user to make connections to the other networks in the world. For those who use a proxy would have a slight idea about how to use the proxy server to connect to the Internet. The user would first contact the proxy and send the request. The proxy then forwards the request to the Internet as if it is the one asking for the information. The request can be the e-books, MP3, videos, games, web pages or anything else that you can get on the Internet.

When you make your request, the proxy server takes it and checks its server for the cache of the web page. If there isn’t any cache with it, the request is sent to the Internet on behalf of you. After this, it caches the data from the resources and then sends it back to the client. Moreover, how to use proxy has changed a lot where people now use it for different things. It is used to implement Internet access controls, access websites that are blocked, hide your IP address, share Internet connections on a LAN and many others. Some of the benefits of the proxy servers to why people use it are:

  • If you know how to use a proxy, you would know that it speeds up the Internet browsing as the request from a user goes to the proxy at first, and if they have the cached data, they send it back without having to request further. This direct processing takes less than the average time which is really fast.
  • It helps you share the Internet connection on a Local Area Network as well. Businesses have a lot of computers with them and just one internet connection, so with this, they can share it with the other computers.
  • It can also bypass any filters and security restrictions. For instance, if you have been blocked to use a website by your government or your administration. The proxy server can help you here to access them easily. You would understand this better when you learn how to use proxy and begin using it.
  • You can execute the Internet Access control. It can be for the authentication of the bandwidth control, the Internet connection, Internet content filter and web filter, the online time control and so on.
  • It also scans the outbound content like the information leak protection.
  • It is mainly used to hide the IP address of the user’s computer so that the person’s information would not go to the Internet server and the person can surf anonymously. It is the proxy server that comes in between the client and the Internet.
  • You can dodge the regional restrictions with this since it would show your IP address to be from US when you are sitting in Sri Lanka.

How to use proxy server: Types of Proxy

There are many types of proxy servers that are available in the market. If you want the best and the most reliable service, you can contact Local Proxies today! Moreover, the types have been mentioned below so that you can easily understand how to use proxy on chrome or any other browser.

How to use a proxy server Type 1: Transparent Proxy

As the name of the proxy says, it is highly transparent where the original IP is also available via the HTTP headers. Their main aim is to cache the website that has not been cached. And they are transparent in terms of the IP address exposure. It would not be hidden where you can just bypass the simple bans.

How to use proxy Type 2: Anonymous Proxy

This proxy server offers the users with a decent amount of anonymity where their IP address would be hidden up to a limit.

There are two others where one is the Distorting Proxy and the other is the High Anonymity Proxy. You can learn more about them at https://www.localproxies.com/& even get them at great deals today!

Let us move further and not stray from the topic which is how to use a proxy. The method has been explained for Chrome and the idea can be taken from it for the other browsers as well. But at first, open the Chrome browser and go to the settings of the browser.

How to use Proxy on Chrome?

Use the following steps so that you can configure the Chrome Browser to use the Proxy Server. Moreover, as you learn how to use a proxy here in Chrome, keep it in mind that the setup would remain this way until you cancel it.

  • You would have to make the Chrome Browser setting to accept all the cookies. This is the only way that it would work.
  • At first, click on the vertical dots that are three in number and is located on the right-upper side. It is to customize and control the Chrome Browser.
  • Then click on the settings and on the advanced settings link in it.
  • After this, tap on the Network section to change the proxy settings.
  • You would see the Change Proxy Settings button there, click on it.
  • A window would open up that has the title of Internet Properties window.
  • Select the Connections Tab and then choose the LAN settings option.
  • Now you are close to understanding how to use a proxy on Chrome. Check the “Use automatic configuration script” to move to the next step of the setup. Make sure that you bypass the checkbox that has the option of using the proxy server for your LAN.
  • Paste the URL of the proxy server in the address box and make sure that you have included the http:// while there shouldn’t be any empty spaces before the URL or next to it.
  • Then save this setting by clicking on the Okay button and click on the Okay again.
  • After this, shut the tab down and it is done. Isn’t it easy how to use a proxy?

If you want to protect most of your privacy, keep this point in mind. If you have bought a proxy server and are using it on a computer that is shared, make sure you have exited the browser after you are done with your session.

Now that you know how to use a proxy on Chrome, you would also need to know how to turn it off.

At first, follow the same first 5 steps that were mentioned to setup the proxy. Then for the next step, uncheck the box with the option of “Use automatic configuration script” and select the Okay button to save it. Click on Okay again and close the window to save the entire settings for the Chrome browser.

Now, that this has been made clear but only for the Chrome browser, you can visit the https://www.localproxies.com/ to get the details for the other browsers today. Moreover, if you want to get any service, contact them to get it at great deals. Visit Local Proxies today for a reliable service.

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