The Smart DNS Proxy Server Explained In The Best Way!

All About the Smart DNS Proxy Server Explained in an Easy Way!

The Smart DNS Proxy Server is a bit Tech-Savvy Term. So, for us to begin the tour to let you know all about it, some words need to be cleared and defined beforehand. There are some networking terms and the technical details that you would need to be well-versed that is related to the Smart DNS Proxy server.

Proxy Server Definition & IP Address

Just like every house, place, or office has a physical address, a computer also has an identity. And what is a computer? It is a networking device that is used to connect with other devices just to itself. So, a computer that is attached to the Internet has an identification as well. This is called the IP address of the device. Each and every device has a unique IP address so that they can be identified out of the crowd.

What is an IP address and what does it have to do with a proxy server address? Well, it is a 128-bit numerical address also called IPv6 or a 32-bit numerical address also called IPv4. The IP here stands for Internet Protocol. A Proxy Server address is the same as an IP address, but what makes it different would be explained further. The IP address has a significant role for transferring data to and from places. The main duty is to route the data as well as deliver the data to the destination device. And Proxy Server is related to this as well.

A device’s IP address is given to it by the Internet Service Provider. This is an established numerical number that never changes unless you change it through the manual methods. These methods are the Smart DNS proxy server download or the VPN connections.

Proxy Server Address: Want to know what your IP address is?

There are a lot of methods to find out your IP address. But the easiest method is to search for it as well as your proxy server address with the help the websites online. One of the best ones is What is My IP. If you have split your local network through the IP addresses that are private, then the address you would see on the website mentioned would be your public IP address. That is the one that is shared between the Local Area Network connections.

Proxy Server Address

The Proxy server is basically a middle person that comes between the user’s computer and the Internet Server. Has the proxy server definition made it clear? No? Well, when a client asked for a resource or information from a proxy server, it hides the person’s identity and forwards the request to the Internet or the Network head. Here the identity of the individual is the IP address. It is covered by the proxy server address where the main server has not idea who is actually requesting for the information.

There are two ways through which the data is returned from the proxy server. One way is if it has the cached document of the requested file, it will send immediately. And if it does not have it, it would request it from the primary server. And when the request passes before it goes to the user, the proxy server saves a cached document for its future use.

What is a Domain Name System (DNS)?

A DNS is used by a computer or any other device to translate the Internet names of a web address into the IP addresses. To make it simpler, it is like a system that does the naming. It drafts the IP addresses to their equivalent domain names for a better communication between the computers or the other devices.

What is the Smart DNS Proxy Server?

The Smart DNS Proxy Server is related to the proxy server download that you do. It is smarter than the normal proxy server and is used to bypass the blocked contents that are Geo-restricted around the world.

What is a Smart DNS Proxy used for?

The proxy server is used to receive and send data through a different route instead of the usual path since it has been blocked. To make it much clearer, it takes all the information about your computer’s location and address. It then re-routes it via a network server. This server is given by the company that has given you the Smart DNS proxy server service. And the proxy server address’ location would be the same place where the website is accessible.

The server’s location is from the region that is allowed to access the web page that the user is trying to access instead of the user’s actual address that has been blocked from accessing the web page. This lets the person access something as if they are sitting in some other location in the World.

It is not tough to install a Proxy Server. Moreover, you would not need to download any third application on your PC as well. The steps are simple and are:

  • Register with a Smart DNS proxy server provider like the Local Proxies.
  • Change the settings of the DNS on your device or the router.
  • Connect to the Server
  • Begin to use it and access any file or content from any location.

After you have followed the steps of the Smart DNS proxy server download and have chosen the location of your choice, you can access any content from any part of the world easily and quickly as well.

What is the difference between a VPN and a Smart DNS Proxy Server?

The Smart DNS Proxy Server is used to direct the traffic from another route so that the Main server does not detect the actual location and you can access things easily. While a VPN service makes a tunnel that would change your IP so that it would appear as if you are viewing the website from some other place. But unlike the VPN service, the proxy server does not hide the IP address or offer any encryption.

The main differences between the VPN and the proxy server are the Privacy, Speed, Anonymity and the Security. The Proxy server has high speed, is easy to install and very user-friendly. While the VPN service offers with privacy, security, and anonymity.

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